Like any children’s play structure, bounce houses require careful adult supervision and adherence to safe use guidelines. The first step to safe bouncing is to ensure that the child removes not only shoes but also jewelry, sunglasses, and any sharp objects in their pockets. This measure eliminates the chance of an accessory becoming a projectile.

Children should also receive a warning not to attempt tumbling acts or wrestle with one another inside the bounce house. Jumping is a solo activity, even if more than one child is in the bounce house. Ideally, the children in the bounce house will be approximately the same size, as a larger child can inadvertently fall onto a smaller peer and cause injury to either.

Parents should also remind children to jump in the center of the bounce house and not bounce off of the walls, as doing so can easily mean crashing into another child. If the bounce house has open sides or doors, it is particularly important that children not push other jumpers out of the structure. An adult family member or chaperone should be present at all times to remind children of these rules while also ensuring that everyone in his or her party abides by height, weight, and other use restrictions.

Be familiar with the equipment. When using a bounce house it is important to know all points of entry and exit, correct blower operation, and sources of power. In case of an instance of a bounce house deflating, calmly have all occupants exit. Once the jumper is empty you can begin to troubleshoot the cause of the malfunction. Understand how to correctly deflate the bounce house in case of sudden inclement weather. Lastly make sure you have contact information of your Party Pros representative readily available. If you can’t figure out the problem, then let the professionals help. This way we can  resume the fun as soon as possible.