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As proud long time members of the Las Vegas and Henderson community here we want to spotlight talented individuals in, and from our local community! We also want to showcase discounts, and special events we feel are worth enjoying.

Vegas Strong Trauma Nurses

Being long time residents of this community we always try to give back locally. We got a call for tables and chairs for a “Paint” party tomorrow. As we take down the rental, we start connecting with the client over the phone. Our client was a trauma nurse that worked on that awful October night that scarred Las Vegas forever. This is her story, and that of many other nurses that cared, and saved so many.

Hearing her story, and finding out everyone at the party is a nurse that worked that night, we decided that there was NO WAY they were paying. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for the care, and love you provide for those in need. #VegasStrong #VegasNatives #PayItForward #Nurses #SunriseHospital