An inflatable bounce house can keep your children entertained and amused for hours. However, eventually children will become a little bored if all they are doing is simply jumping and bouncing on an inflatable bounce house continually.
Wouldn’t it be more fun if creative ideas were added to the mix while playing on an inflatable outdoor bounce house or inflatable indoor bounce house? Let’s get creative!
Here is a list of some great ideas to create a memorable party or play time with your child.

Role Playing Games
Most inflatable bounce houses come in different themes such as castles, jungles, sports etc. Children are great at using their imagination in role-playing games. When you set the bounce house theme, they will likely come up with the rest and enjoy this game with lots of smiles.

Bounce and Freeze
The rule is incredibly easy. Turn on the music and while the music is playing, children should be jumping and bouncing. Once the music is stopped, children need to stop jumping. The last person to stop bouncing is out.

Balloon Attack
Split children into two teams. Each child ties balloons to their legs. Then, one team attacks or bursts the balloons of the other team by stepping on them, and vice versa. At the end of game, the team with the most balloons still intact is the winner.

Find the Leader
Player 1 is asked to leave the inflatable bounce house for a while. Among the remaining players, select one player as the leader and then Player 1 is allowed to come back in. All of the players should follow the actions performed by the leader while bouncing. Player 1 needs to figure out who the leader is among all of the players.